What’s the Best Internet Service Provider for you?

Just like vaccines, the easiest and most available internet plan is the best for you

PLDT Home Fiber Plan

One of the most asked questions nowadays whenever you plan to build a new house or rent a new condo is, “Is there an available internet service provider?” and we will tell you now that 8 out of 10 would probably say there is, and the answer would be PLDT Home.
PLDT Home has the largest coverage of serviceable areas in the Philippines and growing. PLDT has a fiber footprint of 750,000 thousand kilometers with more than 14 million homes connected!

Just like your car, your internet must be reliable

PLDT Home is backed up by a strong distribution network and largest number of submarine cable and landing stations. What does this mean? PLDT has the largest capacity to provide reliable and fast internet service connectivity in the country. PLDT have various internet plans and includes PLDT Home Fiber Plan for Personal or Residential plans or PLDT Home Biz Plans for small and medium businesses.

Easy comparison of how consistent and fast the internet speed is of PLDT Home compared to other service providers can easily answer this question.

Best After Sales Service for Technical Concerns

 Best Internet Service Provider

Having a concern or simply getting that bad luck for getting an internet connection issue, it’s important to be able to reach your internet service provider and address it right away. PLDT Home has a number of channels where you can get touch with to report an issue or simply modify the details on your plan!
May it be online through social media accounts of PLDT, booking an appointment to one of their business offices, or simply calling PLDT hotline. Our customer care representatives are available to accommodate your concerns.

What are you waiting for? Apply now as a New Subscriber or make that Switch and get the best internet service provider in the Philippines!

To know more about the available plans that suit you, check out our website here or message us on our chat plug-in for our Customer Sales Representatives!